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“When I made enquires, it turned out that there was no first aid anywhere” 



 Student MedAID is a student-led charity and society which collects out of date medical equipment, and then donates it to medical students on electives, humanitarian health workers and other NGO's, which redistribute it to under-resourced medical institutions abroad


We are based in the beautiful city of Edinburgh, from where hundreds of medical elective students and humanitarian health workers travel to developing countries every year, and help to dispatch the equipment straight to the healthcare settings that need it the most.

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"I took a whole suitcase of equipment out to The Gambia having asked the hospital in advance what they would appreciate. They received the equipment very gratefully. Whilst I was there, we used cannulas from Edinburgh to manage sick patients. Just as I arrived it seemed they had run out of large gloves so I was able to replace their stock."

-  Ed Tulloch, Gambia

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Our veterinary branch

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All of the photographs used on this website have been taken and used with the permission of the participant and charities. 

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