Haydom Lutheran Hospital

Alex Danson brought MedAID supplies to Haydom Lutheran Hospital in Tanzania on his 6th Year elective in Spring 2018. He visited rural Africa in order to experience medicine in a non-Western culture and learn about tropical diseases in paediatric, medical and surgical settings. The staff were extremely grateful for scarce disposable supplies, as this prevented intravenous cannula reuse that put patients at risk of blood-borne infections.

The highlight of my trip was going on outreach with the hospital team to deliver a WHO-sponsored vaccine programme to local children in rural villages. This was an incredible experience, and the mothers bringing in their children were hugely grateful for the programme. 

"I would absolutely recommend MedAID for any students or medical staff going abroad to visit hospitals in developing countries. They provided as much equipment as we were able to transport, and the hospital I visited in rural Tanzania was hugely grateful for the donation.”