Lifebox: Saving lives through Safer Surgery

22 February 2018

Thank you to those who joined us for a meaningful and engaging clinical seminar with Professor Thomas Weiser, who is a visiting associate professor in the Department of Surgery at Stanford University Medical Center. 

Professor Weiser has many laurels and accolades to his name. His research interests focus on quality and safety of surgical of care, and strategies for improving the safety and reliability of surgical delivery in resource poor settings. From 2006-2009 he was part of the World Health Organization’s 'Safe Surgery Saves Lives' program where he helped quantify the global volume of surgery and create, implement, evaluate, and promote the WHO Surgical Safety Checklist. 

He is a trustee of Lifebox, a charity devoted to improving surgical safety worldwide, where he leads its newly developed 'Clean Cut' program, a multinational effort to improve surgical safety and prevent surgical infections. 

It was an inspiring evening indeed!