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Mendewa Clinic - a nonprofit organisation has recently been in contact and collected all available inventory from MedAid in order to fulfil their vision and goal of establishing a 24-hour purpose-built hospital for the community in the Southern province of Bo, Sierra Leone!

For the past 30 years, Sierra Leone has experienced countless obstacles (civil war, flooding, landslides, Malaria and the Ebola epidemic ) which has hindered its social, economic and environmental development, leading to issues such as high poverty and illiteracy rate. This combined with the lack of access to even the most basic healthcare needs has seen a huge rise in mortality, especially amongst the impoverished community.

To address these issues, the Prince Forde Foundation is collaborating and working with the local Mendewa community to provide basic healthcare facilities. Recently in June 2018, the much welcomed and needed Mendewa Clinic was opened. Looking ahead, to meet the long term healthcare needs of the locals, a 24-hour hospital plan is now underway. The hospital building has been completed and all it’s looking for, and urgently, are the much-needed donations of cash, medical equipment and volunteers. MedAid is proud to be able to help support via supplying them with the much-needed hospital equipment, all thanks to the MedAid volunteers and the local hospitals. Do pop by and take a look at Mendewa Clinic’s website or visit their facebook page at !  Donations and volunteers are always highly appreciated !!!

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