Our 2022 Conference: How to Make an Impact without leaving an impact!

Student MedAID is a UK wide coalition of student-led branches, operating autonomously, who share a common goal. We aim to coordinate the redistribution of excess medical supplies to individuals, communities, or places in need by organising projects that link prospective donating organisation with receiving organisations. We are also committed to using our platform to educate and raise awareness of sustainability in healthcare.

The conference is titled "how to make an impact without leaving an impact" and will be held on Zoom on the 9th April. The aim of the conference is to bring together voices and opinions on charity/volunteering, sustainability, and healthcare to see how these intersect and impact each other. We’ll also be touching on how we as young people can get involved in bettering our global community! We will be bringing you a wide range of interesting speakers and workshops so stay tuned to see who we have lined up!

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