Project Soweto

Hello everyone! MedAID has recently been in contact with Rocky Soweto an individual who does amazing work of collecting and supplying simple first aid kits to the people in Soweto (A township in South Africa ).

Read on more below for the short interview with him and for his photos. On a side note, do feel free to look up his insta : Rocky Soweto, for more updates on his progress :) = Q & A Session with Rocky Soweto = Q1: How did Project Soweto come about? A1: Well, back in February 2018, I was the team leader for a Humberside Police prize winners trip to Kruger Park, which included a visit to the Soweto Township. Whilst at the Kliptown Youth Program site I saw a young girl with a cut on her foot, leaving a bloody footprint. When I asked the local guide if he was going to do anything he said: "How and with what". When I made enquires, it turned out that there was no first aid anywhere, which stunned me. It bothered me so much I went back in June and ran a community based first aid course, handing out kits to everyone who attended. This developed into further visits and more kit but also focused on reducing waste namely the first aid equipment we put in the landfill.

Q2: Do you work in collaboration with any other organisations for your projects? A: In terms of donations - yes. I am in contact with a charity called Jacobs Well, which is located in Beverley, East Yorkshire. (If you Google them, they have a good website). So, every time I get medical donations, I’d take out the first aid and take the rest to them. This has included hospital screens and beds, which are being shipped out in three weeks to Burkina Faso for their new maternity ward. Also, it now seems I am working with two local Yorkshire first aid training companies and we intend to set up a charity to fund large teams to go to Soweto and to expand this project further.

Q3: I am guessing that there might possibly be quite a number of challenges that you are facing, could you list a few of that? A3: You mentioned challenges and sadly there are quite a lot. There is no water, electricity, housing, jobs or schooling. Ambulance response times are 2 hours 30 minutes and they don't go into the township. Working with local Government department is also very problematic, as most of the time they don't even answer e-mails. However I am getting used to this, and most of the time just smile when they promise anything.