Rock Projects Uganda

Rock Projects Uganda is a charity based in the town of Kitetikka and has recently expanded to the village of Busiikia, both impoverished areas of Uganda. The charity carries out aid work to families and children in need and so far, have managed to build four schools and two nurseries between the two communities.

However, urgent appeal is still needed, particularly in terms of access to medical care­ and equipment. There is currently one medical centre, Kibanga Medical Centre, shared between Kitetikka and Busiikia which consists of a pharmacy, a dentists surgery, a doctors surgery, nursing stations and a couple of hospital wards. Although Kibanga has made a huge difference to both villages, it is still hugely under-equipped in terms of medical supplies and resources.

This is where MedAID has an essential role as the middle-man, redistributing unwanted and out-of-date supplies from the NHS to areas in need such as Kitetikka and Busiikia. In January of this year, we cleared out nearly our entire storeroom with donations for Rocks Project Uganda. This included medical supplies such as needles, syringes, blood collection tubes, HIV testing kits, first aid supplies and even surgery equipment. This was shipped out to Uganda in March of this year – the charity was overwhelmed with our donation and we could not be more thrilled that these medical supplies, destined for the bin, have been put to good use and an extremely deserving cause. Below is a photo of the supplies donated by MedAID to Rocks Project Uganda, packed and ready for loading onto the shipping container.

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