Recently, MedAID collaborated with ReACT (Re-Act, Refugee Action - Scotland) Scotland where we CLEARED almost 2 of our storerooms to send medical supplies to Samos, a Greek Island where thousands of refugees have set up camp.

We've recently heard back from them with fantastic news:

Dear friends, the medical aid you donated to us is now on Samos and already in use. I have just returned from the camp and met with Manos, the local doctor, and Sophie, a volunteer who recently set up a clinic here.

They have written a letter of thanks and also of reassurance that the aid you donated will only be used for the refugees.

We just want to take this opportunity to take everyone who have been supporting us and ReAct. The situation in Samos is just heartbreaking but at the same time this letter from Dr Manos is comforting because there is a means to help where we are.

As they said: 

"We are always in need of medical equipment and supplies." 

If you would like to get involved - please join our MedAID Volunteers group to find out more. :)