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Why do we need your help?

We now have a veterinary branch so that surpluses from local veterinary hospitals can be redistributed to clinics and shelters in need worldwide

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Where does your donation go?

Via veterinary students, we have redistributed supplies to Brooke East Africa in Kenya, the Bianca shelter in Portugal, Paphiakos and CCP Animal Welfare in Cyprus, and more. Any donation is greatly appreciated. 

Please Donate

Any instruments or unwanted equipment

Items in excess, expired or that may expire before use including but not limited to:
- Suturing material
- Tubing
- Infusion sets
- Bandaging materials
- Swabs
- Gauze
- Syringes
- Catheters
- Surgical drapes
- Towels
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Donor Clinic


Would your practice be interested in contributing financially to the cost of collections/delivery to our store?
Would you be willing to deliver your donations to the nearest Collect+ drop off? (only applicable to practices outside the Edinburgh area)
Would you like us to feature your support for our cause on our social media?
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Volunteer Application Form

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If yes, do you have your own car?