Dr Sanjana Kattera

Current job: Paediatric ST2 doctor, Alder Hey Children’s Hospital Mersey Deanery

Quote: “It was a great opportunity to be part of MedAID as highlighted the importance and allowed us to work together to contribute to global health”

Alumni Sanjana.jpg

Dr James Loan

Current Job: ECAT Clinical Lecturer in Neurosurgery and Honorary Specialty Registrar, University of Edinburgh and NHS Lothian

Quote: “MedAID has helped to empower students from across the world in addressing waste in healthcare which is a key driver of global inequality. I’m really happy to see this work continuing today.”

Alumni Jamie.jpg

Edward Christopher

Current job: Academic foundation doctor and honorary clinical fellow, NHS Lothian and University of Edinburgh 

Quote: “MedAID compellingly illustrates the powerful impact students can have when they come together as one to tackle global health inequalities. It has been a privilege to be part of MedAID and I am really encouraged by what MedAID has and will continue to achieve in the future."