Student MedAID is a student-led organisation and charity that redistributes medical equipment to under resource communities worldwide, with the intention of alleviating immediate loss of limb or life of patients, resulting from a lack of proper access to medical equipment. 

Student MedAID takes several precautions to ensure that the equipment that is redistributed uncontaminated and as viable as possible, through safe storage and handling. Student MedAID policies strictly only allow for the acceptance of single-use equipment that is contained within intact sterile wrapping, to ensure that any equipment donated is relatively safe from contamination and microbial growth. In addition to single-use devices that remain within their packaging, Student MedAID also only accepts medical equipment marked for reuse/reprocessing, on the condition that it is functional, AND can be processed to a state of safe use (eg through sterilisation or disinfection). 

Despite this, Student MedAID recognises that it is beyond the scope of our expertise to formally assess and authorise this equipment for safe use. Additionally, Student MedAID is unable to reprocess reusable equipment to a state that is usable (e.g. through steam/thermal sterilisation), nor is it able to perform sterility testing on equipment prior to donation. As a result, Student MedAID is unable to supplant the role of medical personnel in verifying that a particular piece of equipment is safe for medical use, nor is it able to supplant the role of local central sterile services departments in reprocessing equipment to a safe state of use. 

In receiving and/or using the items provided by Student MedAID, the recipients/users understand and acknowledge that any items received from Student MedAID have not been fully assessed and authorised for safe use by medical personnel. It is the responsibility of the recipient to notify and explain this statement to the terminal users of any redistributed equipment. It is the responsibility of the recipient to inform any users of the need for an appropriate assessment on the safety of these items before putting them to use, to be undertaken by medical personnel recognised as qualified by the local/national regulatory bodies in each community. 

Student MedAID shall not be liable for any harm or injury that might arise from the usage of these items.